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Words and Violence, Third Edition

For the third year, Voices has compiled a new edition of Words and Violence. The emphasis in this edition is on performing arts as a tool of communication. Learn more about the concept of story and the social responsibility artists have to their public. View excerpts of films made by award winning filmmaker, Ron Haese, who works to make the world a better place by inspiring kids to make the world a better place in which to live. Learn how music instructor and composer, Jay Thomas, has written music that is an anthem about bullying; and read how dance can tell a story.

Hip-Hop has been promenient in the music scene for the last few decades.  Learn more of its history and meet Head-Roc, the Hip-Hop Mayor of DCWords and Violence also features three of Head-Roc's videos in this edition.

Dance is a powerful tool for communication as well as offering an avenue to peace.  Learn more about the Call for Peace dance troupe and their commitment to unite more than 26 dance company directors and performers representing more than 10 different cultures in a theatrical performance entitled “Dancing the Dream: A New Hope for Humanity.” Two memoirs in the form a case study round out this new edition: "If I Am Not for Me" by Joanna and "Black Girl Lessons" by Jamia N. Wilson. 

A new annotated bibliography on Bullying has been added to this edition of Words and Violence.

New Addition to Voices Playback Series

Read our latest Playback story: Antonio Pacitti

Creativity flowed into all parts of the life of artist Antonio Pacitti, whether he was cooking a meal for family and friends or improvising a tune on the mandolin. As an artist, this energy might flow into an explosion of spring blossom, into the rhythmic decoration of a ceramic, the sensuous line of a life drawing or into a sensitively observed portrait. But his art also engaged with the extremities of experience –- hence the recurring theme of Christ’s Passion. His political images of refugees, prisoners and the bereaved came out of his deep anger at injustice.

A nucleus of the art of Antonio Pacetti is being set aside for educational and spiritual projects. Some of Antonio Pacitti’s work is available to private galleries, but this collection will be kept intact.

When dealers state the provenance of a work of art, it is in terms of prices, sales and ownership. This body of Antonio’s work is already establishing a different kind of provenance, one that is far more relevant to the Charter for Compassion. This provenance is process rather than static possession. Its value is not located in a sum of money, but in empathy, insight, shared experience. Rather than being the property of a single person or institution, this collection of work has already engaged a multiplicity of participants.

In its treasure-house of writings and some images, the Charter for Compassion recognises the importance of the arts in creating compassion and helping us to understand war.  Learn more about Antonio Pacetti in Voices Compassionate Education Playback Series and in the Reflective Writings and Art: Understanding War