All of us - parents and children, soldiers and civilians, students and teachers - are affected by conflict in our lives that leads, on a collective level, to war. By understanding the mechanism of conflict, we may be able to move beyond the seeming inevitability of war.

The Voices Education Project offers tools, philosophies, and learning methods that will help young people understand the roots of conflict and the trauma of war, confront the pain and fear at the heart of conflict, and help to build healthy human communities in the wake of war. We use the arts and education to transform the consciousness of young people, give teachers and students a way to explore the most important and terrifying issues of our day, and create a dialogue in which all voices can be heard, and all points of view included, without engendering fear, hatred, or anger.

Voices materials are designed to help teachers meet existing state and national educational standards for developing literacy, critical thinking, interviewing and research skills, and social and emotional intelligence.

Voices Education offers the following programs:

  • Publish the extensive Voices Curricula on the web for free use by teachers, students, veterans, community members
  • Distribute the Voices in Wartime documentary and anthology to thousands of high school and college libraries and media centers
  • Provide training and consulting to educators nationwide who seek to integrate the study and discussion of war and its consequences into their classes
  • Connect veterans and veterans’ organizations to students and classrooms, with a focus on personal histories and stories told by veterans about their experiences