September 2008

Wilfred Owen in Voices in Wartime

The life and art of this British soldier-poet from World War 1, who wrote some of the most searing and emotionally profound poetry ever written.

From the interview with Owen scholar Dominic Hibberd: "Wilfred Owen came from a lower middle class background. His father was a railway official, a stationmaster for awhile, and then monsignor. He never earned very much money, but he earned as much as, say, a schoolteacher. He made a manageable wage, but they were never wealthy. He had four children to be brought up, so there was never any spare cash around.

Eli, Eli by Hannah Szenes

Susan Salidor sings this song, the title of which means "Oh Lord, My God." The lyrics were written by Hannah Szenes, a Jewish heroine of World War II, who was killed after being captured in Hungary, during an effort to save Allied prisoners of war and organize Jewish resistance. The music was composed by David Zehavi and the song is copyrighted by Mifalei Tarbuth Vechinuch.

Eli, Eli,
Shelo yigamer leolam,
Ha-hol v'ha-yam,
Rishrush shel ha-mayim,
Barak bashamayim,
Tfilat ha-adam.