November 2008

Vote for Peace Tags

PeaceTags is one of 18 organizations featured in SmartNow's holiday promotion "Give Something Back."

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Patty Griffin - "Chief"

Chief had been out of the army
For 15 years or more
He was still marching up and down that street
Just like he was a-walking to war
They called him the chief because he was Indian
It was a name they said behind his back
In the summer he'd march without any shoes
Until the soles of his feet turned black
'till the soles of his feet turned black

His hands wouldn't work the machinery
Cause his brain told him what to say
It's a hell of a life
But its somebody's life
Up and down the street all day

Reader Submission: "November 11, 1918--The Day World War I Ended"

John Guzlowski submitted an essay on Veteran's Day to us.

Guzlowski's family spent six years in the refugee camps in Germany, and before that, his parents had been slave laborers in Nazi Germany. When they finally came to the U.S., one of the first places they lived was in a Chicago apartment owned by a World War I vet, a Polish immigrant named Ponchek. The following short essay is about Guzlowski's memories of Ponchek.

Here is an excerpt:

Panel Discussion: The Meaning of Honor

Seattle's Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) will recognize Veterans Day with a provocative panel discussion that will explore what it means to "honor" our nation's veterans.

When: Tuesday, November 11, 7pm
Where: MOHAI - McCurdy Park, 2700 24th Ave East, Seattle
Cost: Free

Our own Andy Himes will moderate. Here are the panelists:

Veterans, Tramps, and the Economic Crisis of 1873

This essay from our very own Charles Baker, examines the connections between Civil War veterans and the emergence of America’s first sizable homeless population.

Here's an excerpt that begins with a quote from an interview with Todd DePastino, author of Citizen Hobo: How a Century of Homelessness Shaped America: