January 2009

More Inaugural Thoughts from My Voice

The inauguration of President Obama this week spurred more members of our social network, in addition to Gary Margolis, to submit their work. Here are some excerpts from two very different essays.

The first comes from Veronica Golos, "On This Inauguration Day, 2009":
On this Inauguration Day, 2009, just a day after the so-called Cease Fire by Israel on Gaza, my wish is this:

Blinding Light: A Reader Submitted Poem for the Inauguration

After reading our latest newsletter, Gary Margolis sent over his poem in honor of President Barack Obama's inauguration today.

Blinding Light

January 20, 2009

The sun was too bright coming
off the snow in Nineteen Sixty-One.
Frost couldn’t read what he had
written, the wind stiff, in January,

bracing, his neighbor in New Hampshire
would have said. The wind curled