January 2009

Salidor Sings: "The Gaze of God (I Should Like)"

Susan Salidor and Peter Buttitta have recorded an incredibly reflective piece, which can't help but offer some comfort as we think through the disarming stories of war and conflict that are being experienced daily in the Middle East.

Lyrics by Jay Rehak

I should like to live a life of love,
to stand in awe and sleep at ease.
To feel the touch of the morning sun,
and sense the rush of the evening breeze,
and all the while, to please the Gaze of God.

I should like to see all children learning,

Peace Tags for Valentine's Day

One of our sponsors is Peace Tags. They generously donate 100% of their profit to Fisher House and to Voices [Education Project].

As you think of giving a Valentine's gift this year, consider giving a gift that gives in two ways: to your loved one and to Voices.

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Blinding Light: A Reader Submitted Poem for the Inauguration

After reading our latest newsletter, Gary Margolis sent over his poem in honor of President Barack Obama's inauguration today.

Blinding Light

January 20, 2009

The sun was too bright coming
off the snow in Nineteen Sixty-One.
Frost couldn’t read what he had
written, the wind stiff, in January,

bracing, his neighbor in New Hampshire
would have said. The wind curled