April 2009

Poetry from a Falklands Conflict Veteran

In April 1982, twenty-seven years ago, the Falklands Conflict, or as the crisis is known in Argentina, de las Malvinas/Guerra del Atlántico Sur began.

On April 2, 1982 Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands and the island of South Georgia over a dispute between the South American country and Great Britain. Argentina considered the invasión as a re-occupation of its own territory. Though the conflict was never officially declared as a war, in just 74 days nearly 1,000 were killed.

Waging Peace

September 21, 2009 will mark the International Day of Peace. At Voices we'd like to get a head start on collecting poems, quotes, pictures, capturing video and recording activities on how to Wage Peace.
Please lend your voice to our efforts! If you are an educator and you have a curriculum to share that speaks to building peace, please pass it along. You can go to My Voice and set-up your own page and post your offerings.