August 2009

Poems of Peace

As we approach September 21 and the International Year of Peace we have been receiving poems and writings from Voices' members around the world.  The first poem posted here, "Raushan Haton Kee Dastaken" (Hindi) was written by the late Staish Chaube of Raipur, written in 1955-56, and translated by Lalit Surjan.  The second poem "The Bridge on the Ocean" was written by Lalit and translated from the Hindi by Vani Xaxa.  The author and translator offer us some detailed footnotes to accompany Lalit's poem.


Shimon Perez Peace Center

This month, Shimon Peres celebrates his 83rd birthday.  Many believe that Peres is Israel’s most prominent peacemaker.  In 1993, he helped lay the groundwork for the Oslo Peace Accords and in 1994 won the Nobel Peace Prize along with Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian Yasser Arafat.  In a 2008 interview Peres stated: “I prefer to be an idealist than to be cynical.  Pessimists and optimists die the same way, they just live differently.”