September 2009

Pablo Neruda (Chilean)


from To Live One Hundred Years

Those one hundred years I lived

one body to the next, from war to war,

drinking the blood of the books,

of the newspapers, of the

television, of the house,

of the train, of the spring,

of the Spain of my sorrows.


I asked myself so many questions

that I went to live at the shore

of the heroic and simultaneous sea,

Ellie Schoenfeld

Ellie Schoenfeld is a poet native to Duluth, Minnesota. She is the author of two previous poetry collections, Screaming Red Gladiolus! (Poetry Harbor, 1999) and Difficult Valentines (Fallow Deer Books, 2004), and her work has been published in an anthology, The Moon Rolls Out of Our Mouths (Calyx Press, 2005), with the four other women in her writing group. Schoenfeld enjoys collaborating with artists of other genres.