What if the World gave a Party and Everybody Came? (Bring your red shoes, we're changing the world) Part II

When I was coming of age the nuclear threat hung over our everyday reality. The grownups were in charge of the world; I couldn’t understand why the grownups weren’t doing something! In my anguished child’s mind, I vowed that when I was a grownup, I would do something! If out of anger comes energy, then out of frustration can come movement. 

Inner Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Appreciation

Last week, an acquaintance stopped by the corner accompanied by her friend who I've only known through Facebook posts for a couple months. It was the first time meeting him in person. We greeted one another cordially and I mentioned seeing some of his art posted on his page. He showed some art pieces to me while my friend explained to him about what I do at the corner asking about compassion and the Compassion Corner Earthbench there. He asked if he could film an interview with me and I declined.


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