Operation Compassion: How to radically change the story

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It was a chance encounter with a homeless man that that led University of Washington student Daniel Nguyen to start Operation Compassion last year.

It began when an apparently homeless man, a regular Daniel had seen for weeks, boarded his bus and asked him for spare change. Like many of us, Daniel's first response was, "I don't have any."

How a neighborhood rescued a dog

Once upon a time there was a dog named Raider…

This is the story of how Raider’s needs were met by the actions of Circle Drive, a compassionate neighborhood in Lake Forest Park, as told in the e-mails that circulated via our Resource Line:

Please help find this missing dog!  

Lost about 4:30 PM Saturday. He’s a 3 Year Old Male Chocolate Lab who answers to the name "Raider" or "Ray-Ray"