How a neighborhood rescued a dog

Once upon a time there was a dog named Raider…

This is the story of how Raider’s needs were met by the actions of Circle Drive, a compassionate neighborhood in Lake Forest Park, as told in the e-mails that circulated via our Resource Line:

Please help find this missing dog!  

Lost about 4:30 PM Saturday. He’s a 3 Year Old Male Chocolate Lab who answers to the name "Raider" or "Ray-Ray"

Is compassion an evolutionary trait?

If Charles Darwin and the Dalai Lama could chat, they would agree on why humans are compassionate, psychologist Paul Eckman says. "We are compelled to relieve the sufferings of another, in order that our own painful feelings may be at the same time relieved," Darwin wrote.

The Dalai Lama says "the seed of compassion" is the discomfort we experience when we see someone suffering. "We are thus impelled to relieve the suffering of another so that our own painful suffering may be relieved."