Debi Strong

As a mixed-media artist, Ms. Strong has created works with the intention of encouraging kindness, connection, compassion, and peace for our world. Most of her art includes a significant percentage of recycled materials in the form of magazine papers, re-purposed fibers, and found objects.

A Monument to Compassion

What happens when a community comes together in the name of sustainability, art, and compassion? What happens when, instead of building public structures commemorating war and promoting competition, a public space is created in honor of a sacred value? What happens when you build a monument to compassion in the downtown section of a city? The answer to these questions can be found at the Compassion Corner Earthbench. It is a monument built by and for compassion at the intersection of 3rd and C Streets in downtown Davis, California USA.

Kids Discovery Museum

KiDiMu welcomes every child and family to explore and learn through interactive play… Imagine, Discover, Grow.

The Museum provides a destination for children and their caregivers to explore art, science, and culture through hands-on exhibits, daily art projects, cultural and scientific programming.