Kids Discovery Museum

KiDiMu welcomes every child and family to explore and learn through interactive play… Imagine, Discover, Grow.

The Museum provides a destination for children and their caregivers to explore art, science, and culture through hands-on exhibits, daily art projects, cultural and scientific programming.

The Gooden School

The Gooden School offers a firm educational foundation, using both traditional and progressive approaches. Our nurturing community allows students opportunities to grow in body, mind and spirit, to gain confidence, and to discover their unique gifts. We value diversity and promote character development and responsibility within a framework of Episcopal values. We foster a life-long commitment to learning, to compassion and to service by emphasizing... 

Oneness Through Art

The Mission is to engage folks of all ages through the arts, to help children and adults alike see the world with an open and accepting heart, removing social barriers, building friendships recognizing we are all connected. 

Saade Studio

Pauline Saade is a Lebanese-American artist. Born in Deir El-Qamar, a village located in the southern part of Lebanon. She was heavily inspired by nature, poetry, mythology, and stories during her childhood. She had a particular love for Khalil Gibran, a well known Lebanese artist, poet and writer. Pauline came to the United States at the age of 11 shortly after the Lebanese civil war had ended in 1990.


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