The Arts can serve as one of the most effective mediums of building bridges of respect, understanding, sharing and friendship between East and West, and between their creeds and cultures. Therefore, with the objective of seeing the Arts used to facilitate intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, CARAVAN was started in 2009 as a catalyst to encourage East and West, and their creeds and cultures, to journey together through the Arts.

Center of Vedic Culture "Divya Loka"

"The world stands on the threshold of great changes, and these changes are not associated with economics and politics, but with a spiritual awakening.   The time has come for all spiritual people to join efforts and say to the world:"The era of life without spirituality is leaving and coming a new era - the era of spiritual searching, meditation, love, compassion and awakening, era of the spiritual unity of all religions, faiths, cultures and Nations, era, when science and religion can lead humanity together to a common higher purpose – divine humanity. Let´

Lady Khama Charitable Trust

The Lady Khama Charitable Trust was founded in 2002 in Lady Ruth Khama’s honour by her son Seretse Khama Ian Khama. Through the Trust the legacy of Lady Khama’s community development work in Botswana, which mainly focused on children and women has continued.