Inclusion in early education in Singapore: towards more equitable foundations

Listen to this blog Just last month the Singapore Government made a welcome announcement. From the second half of 2023, all pre-schools will have an inclusion coordinator.  This new role in schools will identify and provide support for children with developmental needs from the very early years.              This is much needed. According to the charity Serving People with … Continued

Educators Pivot to Pixlr Photo Editor as Affordable Cloud Based Alternative

At The College of Westchester we have had to deal supporting Adobe Photoshop while teaching remotely it presents several challenges to the high tech requirements and the cost. When Martin Stein reached out and suggested that I consider a post about Pixlr I asked for some testimonials from educators and he was able to deliver … Continued

Using Feedback to Create a Culture of Excellence

Growth is a huge component of the change process. In order for each of us to pave a path for success, there must be feedback along the way.  When it comes to navigating the process of change, this might be the most essential element to help individuals improve while also validating efforts made to get … Continued

On “Easy” Books…Again

I have been thinking a lot about easy books. About our adult urges to steer kids into “better” books, harder books, away from all those easy books. Away from books with pictures, graphic novels, or topics we deem immature. I have been thinking a lot about our well-meaning intentions and how they sometimes do damage … Continued

A Question to Center Reading Joy

I have been thinking a lot about reading experiences of kids lately. If you follow my writing, you know that this is something I think about a lot. Perhaps it is because I finally have big classes of kids in front of me rather than small cohorts. Perhaps it is because we have only 7 … Continued

To All the Tired Educators

Dear Pernille, and perhaps so many others You have been losing a lot of sleep this past year. The world has felt so heavy, so hard at times, and when you finally have found your stride, life has thrown yet another turn your way. Events that will shape you the rest of your life, experiences … Continued

8 Elements of Effective Coaching

I absolutely love coaching educators in small groups.  During these sessions, I get to see firsthand how they are implementing ideas and strategies into practice to grow.  While giving keynotes and facilitation workshops is something I love, both lack an on-going component, which is one of the most critical aspects of professional learning that leads … Continued

Differentiating in the Personalized Classroom

I love visiting classrooms around the country to not only support but to see educators in action.  In my opinion, I learn just as much, if not more, from them as they hopefully do from me.  During the spring of 2020, I connected with the Juab School District in Utah and began what would be … Continued

The Power of Collaboration

There is nothing more gratifying, in my opinion than watching people work together to achieve a common goal.  In a previous post, I shared how members of the 4th-grade team at Red Cliffs Elementary School in the Juab School district collaborated to create a personalized experience that combined choice and data to differentiate.  I was … Continued

Learning Recovery Through Acceleration

There is an emerging sense of relief amongst educators as more and more schools are welcoming back students or that the most difficult year is finally coming to an end.  With this excitement comes renewed fears of where many of these kids are academically or will be by the beginning of the next school year.  … Continued

Organize, Streamline, and Empower Learning with Hāpara

The world has radically changed in unprecedented ways. Educators navigate uncharted waters that continually fluctuate as a result of COVID-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Even with all of these challenges, opportunities have arisen to take education in a different and better direction to create a new normal that better meets learners’ needs. Teachers have … Continued

5 Reflections on Teaching This Week

1. Discovered the polling feature in Zoom and I am excited to start trying to use it to facilitate Peer Instruction (PI) during distance learning. Perhaps use it for PI during face-to-face instruction as well?2. Contemplating the use of Jamboard for peer collaboration in the online learning space as a supplement to Padlet. Padlet for final product presentation … Continued