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Africa's Largest Country: Sudan

A Darfur refugee cradles her child at a camp in Chad
REUTERS/David Mwangi

Africa's largest country is emerging from a 21-year civil war between the north and south. A separate conflict raging in the arid western Darfur region has caused massive displacement. Another insurgency is brewing in the east.

  • More than 1.75 million Darfuri children live in and around camps.
  • Girls risk rape when they leave camps and villages to gather firewood.
  • Teenage boys are recruited to fight in armed groups.
  • One agency says a third of children in camps are working and 15 percent have some type of physical or emotional disability due to atrocities they have experienced.
  • Nearly 18 percent of children in east Sudan have acute malnutrition - WFP.
"People are living in a virtual state of lockdown, unable to fully pursue independent lives, trapping families and children in a state of bare survival and little hope."

UNICEF report on Darfur.

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