Calvary Reformation Ministry

Calvary Reformation Ministry was established in the year 2000 in the Mt. Elgon indigeneous area for the purpose of reaching the unreached with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have 20 churches in Kenya and 15 in Uganda. Our mission is to reach the world with good news and open training centers to mobilize our people on how to gain experience through compassion.

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The Story of Emmanuel Jal

In the mid-1980s, Emmanuel Jal was a seven year old Sudanese boy living in a small village. But after his mother was killed and his father Simon rose to become a powerful commander in the Christian Sudanese Liberation Army, fighting for the freedom of Sudan.  Soon, Jal was conscripted into that army, one of 10,000 child soldiers, and fought through two separate civil wars over nearly a decade.

Orphaned and adrift, Jal lived through horror: marching through miles of desert toward Ethiopia, past the bones of adults and children who had fallen on the trek; witnessing the deaths of friends and family members; killing soldiers and civilians with a gun he could barely lift; starving to the point of near-cannibalism, and coming to the edge of suicide. Remarkably, Jal survived, and his life began to change when he was adopted by a British aid worker. He slowly began the journey that would lead him to music: recording and releasing his own album, which produced the number one hip-hop single in Kenya, and from there went on to perform with Moby, Bono, Peter Gabriel, and other international music stars.

Shocking, inspiring, and finally hopeful, Jal's book War Child is a memoir by a unique young man determined to tell his story and in so doing bring peace to his homeland.