A Few Definitions of Compassion

I ask people in Davis, California to share their written concept of compassion in a notebook. The responses span different ideas based mostly on people's spiritual/religious beliefs or personal experience. Also being a college town, often people share from an academic perspective. I began asking June 3rd, 2009 and thus far have received over ten thousand responses. Here are a few examples of what people think compassion is from anonymous entries shared in the notebooks:

A genuine sense of understanding and the act upon it. 

Five Years of Compassion

On June 3rd, 2009, I entered into a lifelong endeavor, asking a simple question to the world, "What is compassion?" Last Tuesday marked the five year anniversary. Since that initial day, after asking over twenty thousand people and receiving approximately ten thousand entries, I feel as though these first five years are just the beginning of an incredible lifelong journey of bringing awareness to compassion.

The Compassion Corner

I am David H Breaux and since June 3rd, 2009, I've been standing at the corner of 3rd & C Streets in Davis, California asking people to write their concept of compassion in a notebook. I estimate asking about 20,000 people and receiving over 10,000 responses. I share a couple stories as a starting point to writing blogs for the Charter for Compassion website. Here are two stories that stand out to me, exemplifying what happens at the Compassion Corner: