Saul Williams

Poet-preacher-actor-rapper-singer-musician "hyphen-artist extraordinare" Saul Williams was born in Newburgh, N.Y. in 1972. The son of a preacher father and school-teacher mother, he learned to love both the spoken and written word as a child. Hailed as "a dreadlocked dervish of words...the Bob Marley of American poets" (Esquire), Saul Williams is a gifted poet who is opening up this literary art form to a new generation of readers.

Research and Investigations: The Work of Saul Williams

Williams is the author of three books of poetry: Said the shotgun to the head, She and The Seventh Octave. His poetry has also appeared in several anthologies and a large number of high schools and colleges across the country have added his poetry to their curriculum offerings. Below are several suggestions to help introduce you to the work of Williams. 
  1. Visit Saul Williams personal website: http://www.saulwilliams.com Listen to his work and report on a work that you find of interest. .
  2. On his web site, Williams pays homage to a number of other artists. Select one and report on his significance in the world of performance and literary arts. Back your personal statements with quotes from the articles presented.
  3. Sony Music maintains an in-depth web site, www.americanrecordings.com/saulwilliams/on Williams work. Samples of Williams’ writings, lyrics, and artwork are available for review and research.
  4. Ann On-line, www.annonline.com/interviews/990715/, an interactive talk program offers a good biographical statement on Saul Williams and an archived interview with Williams. Links to other sites in which additional material on Williams are also available.