Ongoing Violence: Iraq

A child lies injured in a car bomb attack in Doura
REUTERS/Faleh Kheiber

Iraq's ruinous wars, crippling sanctions and ongoing violence have had a devastating effect on children. Shootings and bombings have killed, injured and orphaned thousands, but the biggest killer is illness transmitted through unclean water and exacerbated by under-nutrition.

  • One in eight children dies before their fifth birthday.
  • Nine percent are acutely malnourished - double the number before the U.S.-led invasion.
  • Hundreds of schools have been attacked and teachers killed.
  • Unexploded ordinance and mines litter the country.
  • Children are injured on dumps looking for metal to sell to help support their families.
"I don't understand why adults do it (wage wars). I would never wish a war upon anyone. I would like to have it that children never have to fear war."

Ali Ismaeel Abbas who lost his parents and both arms in a missile strike in Baghdad.

Suffer the Children: Iraq