9/11: Reflecting, Teaching and Learning About


9/11 by Mark Gudmundsen

September 11th changed not only the United States, it changed the world.  It has been 10 years since the attacks that occurred.  Since then, as before, there have been events that have thrust upon us feelings of intense pain and helplessness. What have we learned in these ten years?  Perhaps only that violence begets more violence.  Voices has turned to two organizations to help guide our reflections and discussions on terrorism: September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrow and The Change Agent.

Peaceful Tomorrows is an organization founded by family members of those killed on September 11th who have united to turn their grief into action for peace. By developing and advocating nonviolent options and actions in the pursuit of justice, they hope to break the cycles of violence engendered by war and terrorism.

The Change Agent
is a biannual newspaper for adult educators and learners published since 1994 by the New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education.

Voices has set up this Education Packet for educators and students who wish to wrestle with the legal and moral questions related to security and liberty. Link from this packet to the Change Agent issue on 9/11.  Learn more about our partners, September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows and The Change Agent who have helped us bring you this material by going to the packet as well as by visiting their websites.