Abdifatah Said

Abdifatah Said was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. He lived in Ethiopia and Kenya. Said left his country when he was young; because of civil war.  He moved to Seattle three years ago. Said likes to play and go out with his friends. Said is a multicultural person and has lived in a few countries. This experience taught him to connect with different people from different cultures.

Born and raised in Mogadishu.
One of the most dangerous cities in the universe now
Guns blasting, birds screaming
People running around
We got away from it
Now I am in the evergreen city
There is something that still remains in my mind,
My head screams with loud voices from the gun blasts
And I still remember the dead bodies
Memory of fleeing people and crossing rivers
Memory of gun men robbing people
Memories will never be the same
There is a good side and bad side in my country