About Voices


Amplify the voices of veterans and civilian witnesses to war, in order to heal the wounds of war and lay the basis for a more peaceful world.

Why We Need You

Around the world, in neighborhoods and schoolyards, cities and countries, we can lay the basis for a more hopeful world by creating a new type of conversation in which all voices can be heard, and all points of view included, without engendering fear, hatred, or anger. Difference can lead to dialogue and growth rather than violence. By understanding the mechanism of conflict, we may be able to move beyond the seeming inevitability of war. The Education Project offers tools, philosophies, and learning methods that can help us transform the conditions under which conflict becomes intractable and violent. 

Discovering solutions to conflict is a task that can galvanize young people especially. Through the Voices Education Project, we provide films, curricula, books, photo exhibits, web-based self-publishing and information resources, hands-on training for teachers – and a methodology of conflict resolution – that will help young people understand the roots of conflict, confront the pain and fear at the heart of conflict, and help to rebuild healthy human communities.


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