Amiri Baraka

Imagine Obama Talking To A Fool

To Lead, is what

We fought We fighting now, We been

At war For equality, equal citizenship

Rights. Are those ours, No, no yet.

Our struggle Self Determination

Is always by the moment, is on us

Always, as our skin is, gleaming

Inside & outside w/the fulfilled beauty

Of promise, as an eye arrow streaks

Through the darkness toward itself at

Thousands of miles an hour.

We are ourselves always

Full of ourselves. What we know

Is boundless as our everybody

All our hands & muscles, our swiftness

Is itself a thought & not a thought

But a being, a seeing, that, yes,

We want to lead, we are not fools

Or forever weaker than that self that cd

Be him, them, her, they, we can raise this

Stupid filthy place, we can strangle foolishness

Where it lurks and hurl it into hah hahs

Of imbecility. Why wd you taunt a person

With skeletons challenged by

The enlightenment?

So they turn the hood backwards

& now can see nothing

But how their weak breath

Makes the bedsheet soggy.

Yes, we can. Lead! We will anyway.

But we want to lead. Whats wrong

With that? We can!

And with all this mountain pile

Of wrong, backward, dumb,

Dishonest, boring, filthy

Thing you or they have created

This thing that we us I have

Hated, It can not be a surprise

That someone else shd see this world

Through their own eyes. Yes,

I want to lead. You have

Already failed.

We have all heard those songs

Those tales. I want to lead

You have already failed!