Bob Holman

Africa Goes for Obama!

In Bamako, the koras can't stop singing praises

Of the African king named Barack Obama.

You can talk all you want

in the courtyard

under the mango tree,

But these harps know their stories, revel

In contradiction's harmony.

A song that consumes history.

Meanwhile, in Timbuktu

The shirt off my back

Spirited off in high-fived exuberance

Barack Obama's face

Lifted in 2008 Sahara sandstorm

Lifting off from Dakar, Leopold

Senghor - they name their airports

After Poet-Presidents here --

An "I Made it to Timbuktu

And Back!" t-shirt on my back

Back to Union Square, 14th Street,

New York City, flying Middle Passage

Route of Bones Fair Trade Agreement