Books by Lincoln

Lincoln, Abraham. Poems of Abraham Lincoln (Appleton Books, 1991).
Our 16th president was a great lover of poetry. A little-known fact is that he wrote a small body of poetry, mostly about returning to the home of his childhood. In the Poems ofAbraham Lincoln, his work is collected for the first time in a hardcover edition.


Lincoln, Abraham. The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln: A Book of Quotations (Dover Publications, 2005).
From the most eloquent of American presidents, nearly 400 astute observations on subjects ranging from women to warfare: "Bad promises are better broken than kept"; "Marriage is neither heaven nor hell; it is simply purgatory"; "Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally."


Lincoln, Abraham. Selected Speeches and Writings: Abraham Lincoln, Volume 1 (Vintage, 1992).
Ranging from finely honed legal argument to dry and sometimes savage humor to private correspondence and political rhetoric of unsurpassed grandeur, the writings collected in this volume are at once the literary testament of the greatest writer ever to occupy the White House and a documentary history of America in Abraham Lincoln's time. They record Lincoln's campaigns for public office; the evolution of his stand against slavery; his pyrotechnic debates with Stephen Douglas; his conduct of the Civil War; and the great public utterances of his presidency, including the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address.

For the first time, the authoritative editions of works by major American novelists, poets, scholars, and essayists collected in the hardcover volumes of The Library of America are being published singly in a series of handsome paperback books. A distinguished writer has contributed an introduction for each volume, which also includes a chronology of the author's life and career, an essay on the text, and notes.


Lincoln, Abraham. Lincoln: Speeches and Writings: Volume 2: 1859-1865 (Library of American, 1989).

Lincoln measured the promise--and cost--of American freedom in lucid and extraordinarily moving prose. Here in this two volume set ("Speeches and Writings 1859-1865" and "Speeches and Writings 1832-1858"), are all the significant works, including the complete Lincoln-Douglas debates, dozens of speeches, hundreds of personal and political letters, communications to generals in the field, presidential messages and proclamations, poems, and private reflections on democracy, slavery, and the meaning of the Civil War's immense suffering.