Creating a Personal Definition


Words.  We use them everyday.  They are incredible devices.  Without them we could not communicate.  Words get us in trouble: "You are, in a word, a fool," and they get us out of trouble: "You are a person of your word."  We regard some words, the word of God for example, as being extremely important.  We accuse people of using too many words by calling them wordy, and occasionally we praise individuals for being a man or woman of few words.  We put a great deal of trust in words: "His word is his bond;" and we expect that words help us to interpret the times: "What's the latest word?"  Sometimes we have no words to express our feelings, and at other times we engage in excessive word plays.  All in all words convey many things.  They help us name and define things and express our feelings.  In fact, the way we use words can condition the way we think about people and things.  In this way, words are impressionable and powerful.

List three ideas or concepts that come to your head as you consider the term "word."  List your ideas here.




Given what you have written above construct your own personal definition for the word, word.