Days Following the War


Field Marshall Montgomery arrived at 11:30 am at Kastrup Airport in a large camoflaged Dakota airplane escorted by 12-Spit Fire hunters. From the airport the Fieldmarshall was escorted by a fast tank from the Royal Dragoons. A jeep with a heavily armed airforce unit, freedom fighters on motorcycles, and private cars lead the way. After a short welcome at the English Headquarters, Montgomery paraded through town to attend lunch at Amalienborg Castle with the King and Queen. Here the Fieldmarshall drives through Copenhagen greeted with jubilation and joy. 

Above are the first group of prisoners leaving Froslovlejren, a camp were they were held by the Nazis. Buses and private cars had been sent from several towns to pick up the prisoners to take them back to their home. 

Saturday May 12,1945. Fieldmarshall Montgomery makes his entry through Copenhagen.Standing in the King's car, the victories Fieldmarshall recieves tribut from the thousands.   

The first day Denmark was a free country, investigations into finding the traitors, who had done large damage to the country started up. This had been in the works for some time.

Captured held under heavy gaurd in a school gy

Picture of a woman informer

Gathering of suspected informers