Dorothy Brockmeier--Angry Words Hurt

 Angry Words Hurt 

Some people have to have the last say
They have to be right, there`s no other way
That`s the way it is, Angry words coming out
They don`t think as they continue to shout
Not stopping to think what they are saying
Or the consequences they will be paying

They can lose a friend someone they really care about
Because of angry words they are shouting out
They don`t think of how words can hurt some one
They don`t think about the damage that can be done
That`s the way it is, Feelings get hurt, hearts get broken
By just a few angry words some one has spoken

They say things, So mean,The angry words seem to attack
Words you`d never expect, It`s like getting stabbed in the back
They call you names,You thought that someone really cared
Then they speak angry words and the damage can`t be repaired
That`s the way it is ,They don`t think before they speak
Angry words can hurt and they can cause scars so deep

If they try to apologize The words haunt you every day
For you wonder if they said what they really wanted to say
Words spoken out of anger, Can haunt someone forever
That`s the way it is, You feel you can trust that person never
They hurt your feelings ,The words seem to stab like a knife
Angry words are verbal abuse ,They can ruin someone`s life.