Featured Films--Yamato to Zvezda


Yamato (男たちの大和 Otoko-tachi no Yamato) (2005), Director: Junya Sato, Running time: 145 minutes.
The Yamato tells the the story of the crew of the World War II Japanese battleship of the same name. The movie was a big success at the Japanese box office. It is based on the book by Jun Henmi.


A Yank in the RAF (1941), Director: Henry King, Running time: 98 minutes.
Tyrone Power pursues Betty Grable and becomes A Yank In The R.A.F., in this romantic drama set in the early days of WWII. For smooth-talking daredevil pilot Tim Baker (Power), flying is a game and the war is simply an opportunity to make some quick money. When a high-paying job ferrying bombers across the Atlantic lands him in London, he runs into Carol (Grable), an old flame, and joins the R.A.F. just to be near her. But problems arise when Carol is pursued by another pilot (John Sutton), who treats her better and happens to be Baker's superior officer! When both men start flying bombing missions over Europe, Carol finds that choosing between them is surprisingly hard, and Baker learns that not everyone takes life as lightly as he does.


Yanks (1979), Director: John Schlesinger, Running time: 139 minutes.
Richard Gere and Vanessa Redgrave star in Academy Award-winning director John Schlesinger's critically acclaimed film about American GI's in Britain during World War II. From early 1942 until D-Day, several million Americans landed in Britain on their way to fight at the European front. To the war-weary British, many of these troops were "overpaid, oversexed and over here." But despite the resentment, many memorable friendships developed between the lonely American soldiers and the English women in the villages. Co-starring William Devane, this engrossing film has been called "extraordinary" by The Wall Street Journal.


The Young Lions (1958),  Director: Edward Dmytryk, Running time: 167 minutes.
Director Edward Dmytryk's sprawling, ambitious WWII drama, based on the acclaimed Irwin Shaw novel, stars Marlon Brando as Christian, a German ski instructor who idealistically joins Hitler's army, fights in the North African desert, and gradually loses faith in his country and humanity in general. Parallel stories take place across the Atlantic, as a tipsy Broadway star (Dean Martin) wrestles with his conscience and cowardice, since his connections keep him out of the draft. Another thread follows sensitive Jewish draftee Noah (Montgomery Clift) as he encounters anti-Semitism both from his fellow G.I.s and the parents of the girl he loves (Hope Lange). Eventually, all three men meet near the end of the war in the most tragic circumstances.


Zvezda (2002), Director: Nikolai Lebedev, Running time: 93 minutes.
The Second World War in Russia. The year 1944. Zvezda is a radio call sign for a group of war scouts who went on an assignment behind the German front line. Having found the location of German tank concentration, they report to the headquarters, at the cost of their lives, about the impending attack.Intense and dramatic, the film makes one realize who had won in that war, and at what price. The movie’s superb directing, stunning cinematography and poignant, sensuous music immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of war, when just one erroneous step may lead to fatal consequences. Based on the story by Emmanuil Kazakevich.