Gerri Stone--Poems

Gerri’s poems have been published in literary journals including Wayne Literary Review, Patterson Literary Review, and Reverie; in the anthology, At the Edge of Mirror Lake; and her newest poem collection Freeing the Heart.  She is an active member of the Detroit Unity Poets & Authors Society and conducts workshops on poetry and the creative process.  She currently lives with her husband, Leroy, in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan where she works as an administrative assistant.


One Story, One Song

Dorothy Allison dreamed
of a painting composed of her
words, and every time she
touched a word, a window
opened and a story unfolded.
Touch the life of the overworked and
underpaid through your words,
your deeds. Give the waiter,
taxi driver, maid, a smile,
kind word, respect.
A tip large enough to
buy diapers or dinner.
Feel a window open up.
Feel yourself becoming a
part of their story,
part of one big story.
to those who spend their lives
bending, lifting, scraping,
picking, tightening, serving.
Buy often from the businessman
who pays more than minimum
wage when the incentive is
so strong to cheat those
who need it most.
Honor the picket lines
of those who risk
safety and security
to get a better wage.
Clear the wounds
from your throat.
Free your voice, your words.
Become part of
our common story,
our common song.
(c) 2007 Gerri Stone


Writers Circle

We belong to a
circle of writers,
draw a chalk line
around our words,
We bow our heads,
encircle words
with our hands,
cradle them.
We sit around a fire
built from our words,
warm ourselves,
create light for dark times.
We honor this time,
and in the silence
pray with our pens.
(c) 2007 Gerri Stone