How many days do we have to act differently?

History of a Day in 24 Hours

And then, on the stroke of midnight, the people had the world to themselves.  For a long while, so far as we know, they were very quiet.  All through the morning, and all through the afternoon, they just wandered around in small groups--hunting animals with spears and arrows, sheltering in caves, dressing themselves in skins.  At about six o’clock in the evening they began to learn about seeds and manure and so on, and about how to herd and milk animals.  By about half past seven some of them were living in biggish cities.  this was mainly in Egypt and North India, and in the countries between.

Moses came and went at about a quarter to nine.  Buddha in India, Socrates in Greece, Confucius in China, all came and went together, though they didn’t know each other, at about ten past ten.  Christ was at half past ten, as also, give or take a minute or so, were the Great Wall of China and Julius Caesar.  Mahomet was at eleven.

At around half past eleven there began to be biggish cities in northern Europe.  From about a quarter to twelve onwards people went out from these cities, and they began stealing from the rest of the world.  They stole America, both North and South, they stole Northern Asia, they stole India, and just after four minutes to midnight they stole Africa.  At about two minutes to midnight they ad a big war amongst themselves, and then had another big war only 50 seconds later.  

During the last minute before midnight these people from northern Europe were pushed back out of India and Africa, and also back out of many other countries, though not out of North America or Northern Asia, where they had become very settled indeed.  Also during this last minute these people invented nuclear weapons, they landed on the moon, they were responsible for almost doubling the world’s population, they used up more oil and more metal than had been used in all the previous 23 hours 59 minutes put together. It as now midnight again.  The start of a new day.