Indigenuous Resistance: South

Hispaniola, 1494: First Resistance

It takes only a few months for the Tainos to realize the real intentions of the Spaniards.  The Spaniards demand more and more women, some taking as many as five apiece.  They keep asking for gold.  when the Santa Maria runs aground, they build a fort, La Navidad.  Spanish cruelty and terror continue until a local cacique named Caonabo can take it no longer.  He and his followers kill all the Spaniards and destroy the fort.  Continuing to fight, he organizes the first guerrilla war against the invaders.

Other resistance leaders follow him: Guaynabo and Otoao in Puerto Rico.  Hutuey and Guamax in Cuba.  The resistance continues for fifty years even though the Tainos are decimated by disease.


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