Iran: YouTube Presentations Worth Seeing

Maz Jobrani--Comedian


                                                                                                 Persians vs Arabs




                                                                                               Eshgh e Sorat--Love of Speed




Kiosk: Roozmaregi                         Kiosk-Afsoos                                 Kiosk - Ay Ay - Global Zoo


Darya Dadvar




Darya Dadvar, Iran folk music, opera                      Darya Dadvar Canada March 2009


Les Ballets Persans


Turquoise Land, Dream of Peace

Dedicated to world peace Turquoise Land is a colorful mixture of Western classical ballet technique and the graceful expressive charm of Persian traditional rhythms. Turquoise Land was choreographed by Nima Kiann on the occasion of the celebration of his works and artistic achievements in London on March 9, 2008. For the first time, classical ballet is choreographed on traditional Persian music composed by Master Parviz Meshkatian. In this ballet creation woman is the messenger of peace.