Jan Theuninck--Belgian


Jan Theuninck
(1954-    )


Though born after World War II in 1954, Jan Theuninck finds himself writing about the war and its aftermath.  A poet and minimalist painter with a strong interest in social and political issues, Theuninck writes under his own name as well as the pen-name, ORC, a name he uses in honor of Raoul Wallenberg.  Although Dutch is his mother tongue, he writes in French.  His work frequently appears in poetry journals and magazines internationally.

Stalag Zehn B

the feldwebel became a general

the camp doctor , a professor

and we the jews—it’s banal

we stayed jewish—no error .




wandering jew, damned jew

and no words on them are forbidden

suspected of crimes and treason

they have been put in jail

they have been tortured and murdered

in the name of an insane idea

and now - more than ever -

who is next, please ? 


Mauthausen 186

Stone by stone 

we made a step

Step by step 

we went to heaven.




the sun shines

on the dune

the bunkers hide 

the undesirable

all of them lose 

their innocence

lost blood 

on the beach

the sea...




 The real post-war power

is still the one of the "Uebermenschen"

and this "democracy" can't be realized

but on the back of the "Untermenschen" !