The Magazine Vedem

The Model Camp: Terezín
Voices and Art From and About Terezín
Dutch Jews arrive at Terezín
In 1994, We Are Children Just the Same, was published. It took 45 years for this collection from Vedem, the secret magazine of the boys of Terezín to make it to print. Between the years 1942-44, about 115 boys between the ages of 13 and 15 conducted interviews, wrote reviews and about sports, recorded jokes, wrote poems and stories. One copy was printed each week and then read at night behind blackout shades. The editor was Petr Ginz, a youth who wanted to be a writer when he got out of the camp. Petr, like most of the other contributors of Vedem, never was to see his wish realized. He died in Auschwitz. Only about 15 of the writers survived. The magazines were buried by Zdeněk Taussig, and after the camp was liberated he returned to Terezín and retrieved them. Vedem means “vanguard” in Czech. Here are a few selections from Vedem.