Melissa Eaton: The Warrior at Home

Soldier at Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC


The Warrior at Home                                   

My man has been to battle
My man has been to war.
And it's really hard to realize
He's not the same man I knew before                                                                                                                                                  

I know I'm not the reason
He sits and cries in the dark alone
With memories of terrors
Even though now he's safe at home 

But he's my hero
My wounded warrior Love
He fought hard to win our freedoms
But somehow he lost his soul.........
How do I try to help him?
Now his job is finally done
For he still suffers and is haunted
By this war that he's brought home,

I must remind myself each moment
As the dishes hit the wall
It's not me that caused his anger
I'm not the real target, after all

I try to comfort him at nighttime
He cries out, and is soaked with sweat
Dreams of death are all around him
His war still rages in his head

He medicates himself with danger,
Drugs and porno and the wine
I'm so afraid he'll overdose it
And be forever gone from time

But they're our heroes
Our wounded warrior Loves
They fought hard to win our freedoms
But somehow they lost their souls....
How do we try to help them?
Now their jobs are finally don
For still they suffer and are haunted
By this war that they've brought home

There’s no end in sight
To this endless war
That they've brought home.