Our Voices Education Project resources are about honoring the stories, poetry, and arts of people of different ages and from an international perspective. Browse through thousands of thematic pages that speak directly to peoples' experience of "raising their voices," surviving wars and revolutions and working to bring about peace through compassionate action.  Our resources are divided into Books and Curricula, Education Packets, Projects, Reflective Writing and the Arts and Syllabi and Courses.  An explanation of these divisions follows.

Books and Curricula

The following books in their entirety are available as part of our Resources.  Each volume contains poetry, narrative, art, linkages to films and other supplemental websites.

Compassion Books & Resources


Dangerous Memories

Dangerous Memories is meant to challenge us to understand and appreciate American history from vantage points to which many of us have not been privileged. Its intent is to challenge readers to examine their knowledge and assumptions about the history of a certain time and place; to become critical of their knowledge base and to begin to confront the ways we are all affected and influenced by our understandings.

Furthermore, Dangerous Memories is meant to help us realize how present economic, social and cultural realities of the lives of all Americans, the dominant and disenfranchised, are intimately connected to the events described.

Seda: Voices of Iran









SEDA: Voices of Iran offers some glimpses to the history, the political turmoil, and the culture of Iran.  Many years ago George Orwell suggested that the way to enter a new culture is to keep our eyes and ears open and our mouth closed.  Some may view his observation as naive, but if we delve a little deeper we find that the Iran of today, while still holding tight to its core values, is not the Iran we left behind in the 1979 Islamic Revolution.  We have a long road to travel as we begin to learn about Iran again. The material in Seda provides a pathway to new insights and offers a new framework from which we can ask questions and seek answers.

The Voices in Wartime Series - Six Volumes

voices in wartime

The six volume set of Voices in Wartime originated to accompany the full-length documentary, Voices in Wartime.  Individual volumes include: Poetry in Wartime, U.S. Civil War, World I, World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam War.  As with film, the Voices in Wartime volumes bring to life how poetry and war have been intertwined since the beginning of recorded history --from ancient Babylonia and the fields of troy -to the great conflicts of the 20th century and the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The stirring words of poets of the past - Homer, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman and Shoda Shinoe from Hiroshima are combined with more recent voices: a Vietnam vets, poets in war-torn Baghdad, and international poets who have experienced and survived war. Most volumes contain educational standards, timelines, extensive quotes, poetry, art, annotated bibliographies and filmographies.

The documentary, Voices in Wartime, its companion book, Voices in Wartime Anthology, and the follow-up film to Voices in Wartime, Beyond Wartime are all available through this website and individual vignettes of the films and anthology are incorporated within the curriculum.

Waging Peace

waging peace

At the beginning of 2009, the Voices [Education Project] asked its members to submit their writings and works of art to commemorate the September 21, 2009 International Day of Peace. Amateur and professional, young and older, multiple religions, ethnicities, geographic origins—these are qualifiers that identify some of the contributors to Waging Peace. There are grim tales and powerful hope in these pages.  On each page there is a reminder that perhaps we need to approach the way we live our lives differently—that we need to consider how we collaborate and negotiate instead of how to win the fight—whether in the schoolyard or on the global playing field.

Education Packets


Several times each year we publish educational packets based on specific themes. Themes provide background information, maps, historical data, poetry, arts and other writings, including annotated bibliographies and filmographies, as well as teaching and learning suggestions.  Most themes also offer links to films, lectures and other media offerings.  Current packets include materials on Abraham Lincoln, Democracy and the Arts, Films to Help Us Rethink War, Inagural Addresses and Presidential Poetry, International Women's Day and Peacemakers.  The latter packet is sponsored by PeaceTags™,  New additions to Rethink War, Iraq and Afghanistan are now available.

Reflective Writings and Art


This Voices book was inspired by the original work of Lucy Dougall and her compilation, War and Peace in Literature which was published by A World Without War in 1982.  We've taken Lucy's original idea and have made it as international as we can.  Reflective Writings and Art changes each week as we add new poems, narrative, art and music to its pages.  Here you will fine Collections of work such as Playing for Change and The World's Children Speak of Peace, and works by individuals and groups from Afghanistan to Lithuania to the Ukraine, with many other countries in between.