Script of Voices in Wartime Film

Dowload the complete script of the documentary, Voices in Wartime. On the left-side of the matrix names of those interviewed, references to stock and documentary film are offered. Title slides and changes are provided by a solid black line that runs across the matrix. The middle of the matrix contains the script from the film, and the far right column offers discussion questions. 


Download the script.

How each instructor or facilitator conducts a discussion of the film will vary tremendously. It is recommended that after viewing the film time be dedicated to creating a list of objectives for conducting the discussion. This list of objectives will help put structure to the types of questions you will want to use as part of the discussion. Some instructors may be using the film to present, discuss and critique poetry, some facilitators may wish to concentrate their line of questioning on issues of war and peace. Questions provided here are suggested as guidelines and can be embellished or changed to meet the needs of the group and the expertise and comfort of the facilitator.
Note: The sections of the script that are shaded in gray indicate portions of the film that appear in the 74-minute version of the film, but have been removed from the shortened 57-minute version of Voices in Wartime.