Sidney Keyes--British

Stanley Keyes
A contemporary of Keith Douglas, Keyes too was an Oxford man. Born in Dartford England, Keyes was raised primarily by his grandfather. His own father was an officer in the army. While at Oxford the war began and Keyes joined the army as a commissioned officer in 1942. As a lieutenant in the West Kent Regiment he was killed in Tunis just a month before his 21st birthday. Along with Alun Lewis and Keith Douglas, Keyes is considered as one of major the British poets of World War II.

War Poet

I am the man who looked for peace and found
My own eyes barbed.
I am the man who groped for words and found
An arrow in my hand.
I am the builder whose firm walls surround
A slipping land.
When I grow sick or mad
Mock me not nor chain me;
When I reach for the wind
Cast me not down
Though my face is a burnt book
And a wasted town.