Uprooted Children: Uganda

Night commuters at a shelter in Gulu, northern Uganda
REUTERS/Radu Sigheti

Nearly a million children have been uprooted by the war in northern Uganda where the cult-like rebel Lord's Resistance Army is notorious for abducting and brutalising children.

  • There are 935,000 children living in over 200 camps.
  • Rebels have kidnapped around 25,000 children.
  • Boys are used as soldiers and porters.
  • Girls are used as sex slaves.
  • Thousands of child "night commuters" walk miles each evening to find places to sleep where they won't be kidnapped.
  • "Child mothers" who return from captivity with babies are stigmatised.
"I always had to force myself to go into battle - I never wanted to do that. We were obliged to fight, or be killed by our leaders."

Barnabas, 13, talking to World Vision

The Children's War: Uganda