Rotterdam, Netherlands, joins the Compassionate City Initiative

On Friday May 20, 2016, Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam (one of the four largest cities in The Netherlands) signed the Charter for Compassion. The signing took place during Part 3 of Wagner’s Opera Parsifal. In Part 1, the story of Parsifal was told and in Part 2 the spectators were drawn into a play in order to find the lost spear that could cure the wounded king. All teams immediately began battling each other.

Belfast, Northern Ireland Affirms the Charter for Compassion


by Frank Liddy  |   Belfast City Hall 2nd June

It was high noon with a difference on the 2nd of June 2014 in Belfast City Hall-- the difference being that Belfast City was to engage in developing and promoting and above all engaging in the international Charter for Compassion, as everyone prepared for the launch of Compassionate City Belfast.

Houston, TX: Compassionate City of the New South

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 was a big day in the history of Houston, Texas! Over 35 people from various organizations included in a grassroots movement known as Compassionate Houston gathered at City Hall to witness the City's acknowledgement of the vision of the Charter for Compassion, Houston’s legacy of compassion, the work of Compassionate Houston, and the Mayor’s proclamation of Compassionate Houston Day.

The Compassion Tour

Twelve communities throughout the U.S., one month in each asking people to write their concept of compassion in a notebook and leading group discussion on the topic. That's what the Compassion Tour is about. The tour began September 3rd in Keene Valley, New York. It stems from an endeavor I began over five years ago in Davis, California to bring awareness to compassion by asking people to think about it. The tour amplifies this endeavor, with each visit including speaking engagements, having already facilitated a few over the past weeks in the Keene Valley area.

Survey: Your involvement with the Charter

You are being asked to participate in an on-line survey, which consists of a SWOT Analysis, and to respond to a series of questions about the Charter, its current operation and to inform us about how you see its future direction.  You can write your responses directly on your computer and make as many changes as you like, prior to submitting your forms.  Members of the Charter's Board of Trustees, the Global Compassion Council, and the staff and lead volunteers are being asked to fill out these forms. 

1 Start 2 Questions about you 3 SWOT Analysis 4 Structure/organization 5 Finance and funding 6 Complete
(Dr., Professor, Rev., etc.)


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