Sergeant David Stenhouse

A Scottish soldier, Sergeant David Stenhouse, has written a book of war poems from the front line in Afghanistan. In it he has laid bare the horror of life in Helmand in a series of heart-felt verses. Stenhouse wrote about carnage caused by deadly roadside explosives, suicide bombers and the constant threat of attack soldiers face.

Sergeant Stenhouse, from Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland, was inspired to start writing when Army top brass were impressed by notes he jotted on a pad during work breaks.  He explains that he wrote about wha he saw going on around him and what he felt  "When someone dies over there, we all feel it. We attend vigils and hear details about this young person's life. It's so sad. Writing about it has helped me deal with it and the other soldiers seem to like my poems, which means a lot to me."


Mountains and river in Helmand Province, Afghanistan


Stand and Fight

Twenty-two brave men

lost their lives within the month of July,

yet our blood-stained flag

still blows in the desert sky.

Is it time we were leaving

the Afghanistan plains,

before more of our men

are so cruelly slain?

But no we are British,

and we will stand and fight,

hunting down the

Insurgent day and night.


Suicide Bomber

To him this is a Holy War,

and you the infidel must pay,

if you don’t recognise and eliminate him,

he’s going to blow you away.


Hidden Killer

The chaos and confusion

that occurs straight after the blast,

your comrades will have to act quickly;

they will have to react fast.

The smell of burnt flesh and the

horrific pain at first sight,

you will have to hang onto your life brave soldier,

now begins the fight.


Combat Logistic Patrol

You’ve got one hand on the wheel,

the other close to your gun,

driving in the heat and dust,

blinded by the sun.”