Poets of the United States


                                  Alan Seeger                                                                                 Joyce Kilmer


Though America was involved in the war diplomatically from its start, it was not until April 6, 1917 that President Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war against Germany. A similar declaration was passed on December 7 against the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. On May 18, 1917 the Selective Service Act was instituted, and by early spring the first U.S. tours arrived in Europe. Though the physical war was limited for the United States, nonetheless the country suffered nearly 120,000 military dead.  Like other nations, the United States had a number of poets and writers who wrote during the war and about the war. Some of them had already been established in their writing careers, others wrote from the side lines as journalists, ambulance drivers, and nurses. 


              e.e Cummings                            Earnest Hemingway                  Archibald MacLeish                             John Reed