Further Research on Addams


Women Oppsed to the First World War

Activities, Research and Further Investigation on the Life and Times of Jane Addams

  1. Prepare a report on the work of Hull House residents: Ellen Gates Starr , Julia Lathrop, Florence Kelley, Edit Abbot, Grace Abbot, Alice Hamilton, Mary McDowell, Charles Beard, Mary Kenney, Charlotte Perkins, Alzina Stevens, and Sophonisba Breckinridge. 
  2. Report on the work Hull House promoted on trade union work and how the work influenced the lives of working-class women.
  3. Research the work of Florence Kelley on the “sweat-shop” trade and how it formed the basis for the Illinois Factory Act.
  4. Report on how the women of Hull House, Addams, Breckinridge, Kelley, Kenney and McDowell helped establish the Women’s Trade Union League.
  5. Research and report on Jane Addams role as a founding member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Conference of Social Work, the National Federation of Settlements, Women’s Peace Party, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and the American Civil Liberties Union.
  6. Research and report on how J. Edgar Hoover believed that women’s suffrage supporters and trade union organizations were thought to be plotting against the government and how the Espionage Act, 1917 and the Editions Act, 1918 resulted in these beliefs.
  7. Report on the Palmer Raids and Emma Goldman.
  8. Research and report on why Jane Addams joined forces with Clarence Darrow, John Dewey, Upton Sinclair and others to form the American Civil Liberties Union.
  9. Read and report on any of the writings of Jane Addams: Democracy and Social Ethics (1902), Newer Ideals of Peace (1907), Spirit of Youth (1909), Twenty Years at Hull House (1910), A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil (1912), Peace and Bread in Time of War (1922) and The Second Twenty Years at Hull House (1930).