Richard Bartow

Born Newport, Oregon, 1946; served in Vietnam, Army Signal Corps, Long Binh Air Base, clerk-typist, 1970.


A View Across the River for VVet Andy and His Heart Attacks Because He Couldn't Talk
and Nobody Would Listen Anyway!

ca. 1989, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil and pastel on paper, 40 x 26 in.

Artist Statement


From a letter, 1995: Somewhere between Vietnam and a bottle of whiskey my nightmare began. With scratches of line and bursts of color I have tried to rid myself of that nightmare and its long-reaching effects. I have tried to draw a map for myself from the past to the present, from sickness and anger to peace and health. Every day I have to work because the truce I have with darkness is delicate and peace requires constant maintenance.