Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln by Paul Shipper 
Lincoln by illustrator Paul Shipper

We are hoping that the bibliography that follows might be read as an introduction to Lincoln. For example:

  • What are the facts you can learn about Lincoln’s life?
  • Who were his advisors?
  • What were some of his greatest achievements?
  • How did he feel about controversial issues of his time?
  • What type of character did he have?
  • What do the majority of his biographers say about his personality and achievements?
  • People are comparing the composition of his cabinet to that of President Obama. Why is this being said?
  • How did his family contribute to his success?
  • What are some “uncovered secrets” uncovered in this section you’ve discovered?
  • How is Lincoln viewed as a commander-in-chief

Review the books offered here, including reading the forward and first chapter of several different books, and by exploring the recommended films and websites. These various sources can be your starting point of learning more about Lincoln, his achievements and his legacy.