Nordahl Grieg--Norwegian


Nordahl Grieg

Johan Nordahl Brun Greig was born into a prestigious Norwegian family. He was related to the famous composer, Edvard Greig, and his family owned a large publishing firm. Born in 1902, Greig was a poet, novelist, dramatist and journalist. When the Germans invaded Norway, he escaped to England, on the same ship carrying the Norwegian Royal family. Prior to the war his poetry was anti-fascist and pro-communist. Because of his strong stand against German occupation of Norway he became better known, and was a hero for many. He joined with British forces to oppose the Nazis, and was killed during an air raid against Berlin in 1943. His poetry is still popular in Norway. 



To Youth 

War is contempt for life.

Peace is creative.

At it with all your might:

See death defeated!



In brutal strife

your sword and shield shall be

belief in life

and human dignity.



Now stands the flagpole bare

Behind Eidsvoll's budding trees,

But in such an hour as this,

We know what freedom is.