Zdenek Ornest

The Model Camp: Terezín
Voices and Art From and About Terezín
Zdenek Ornest
The Forgotten

Your pale remembrance compels me to be calm,
That once again I may recall my love,
Perhaps I'll smile again when we embrace
You are my ally, and my best of friends.

Sweet remembrance, tell me a fairy tale
Of my beloved that now is lost to me,
Tell me the story of the Golden Glitter,
And tell the swallow to come back to me.

Fly after her and whisper it in her ear.
Does she remember me, even for a moment?
Is she well, and even more I'd know —
Am I still her one and only love?

Come quickly back to me, don't lose your way,
I would recall other memories from the past.
Beautiful you were, but I fear that you're gone.
Goodbye my love. I loved you once so well.

Ornest wrote this poem about a young girl, Ruth, who came into Terezín, and was immediately deported to Auschwitz.