Merali Katibovich Abdullayev

Merali Katibovich Abdullayev was born in Russia but he is Turkish. Merali moved from Russia to North Carolina in August of 2005. He arrived in Tukwila WA in January of 2008 when he was sixteen. Merali is proud of his younger brother because he listens to his older brother and he tells the truth all of the time.


My best poem is the “IAm From” one because when I was writing that poem I was really excited, it was my first poem and it was challenging. It took me a really long time to pull ideas out of my head but I did it.
I Am
I am
From the sound of rivers,
Trains by day and night
From dances.
I am
From the words
“Be a man, be proud, and don’t forget yourself.”
I am
From promises of love and fun
From good friendship and
Believing in yourself
I am
From rice, chicken
Milk, candy and tomatoes.
I am
From a beautiful
House, big land
From woods and rivers.
I am Merali
Turk from Russia
And I am proud.

Self Portrait
I was born in a small family
In bad times
Right after my parents moved out
From my grandmother’s house
Had no money, nothing
But lots of work.
Now I am in Seattle
With a bigger and stronger family.
This is the way of my life
Had nothing then, I have everything I need now.