Tila Rupa Acharya

Tila Rupa Acharya is from a small town called Morang in the eastern part of Nepal. Tila moved to Seattle one year ago because of war in her country. She is interested in listening to music. In the future, Tila hopes to become a nurse to help all people, young and old, who are sick.


I got many ideas when I was writing my poems. Before I had never written any kind of poem; now I like my poems because they express my feelings and I can write about the sounds, dances and important festivals of my country. I write in Nepali words when I write my poems in English.
Self Portrait
Born in a small family
but a beautiful place, Nepal
I heard bad news at a young age, so young
about wars and guns. All the people were
fighting from one place to another place.
And my parents made a decision to raise
us safe, to get a better education and good
jobs and to live peacefully. We packed our
things and moved far away.
Now, in the city of rain and snow. I like this
beautiful place. I try to forget my past
but memories never fade. I miss my home,
and also miss my uncle, and my friends.
This is my life.
It happened for a reason.
I happened for a reason.
I miss my home Nepal.
I Am From
I am from lokdhori, from
sangai, sarathi ra maruni on the
most puja days. Our Nepali days of
dancing and festivals.
I am from akcher ra sabda and
khusi, harsa and dhukha that are part of my life.
My home sometimes in war and sometimes
in blood, full of sorrow and miseries.
Parishram is my motto (to work hard and
do good things in the world).
I am from the truthfulness of my
companions and from the maya of buwa ra
ama (the love of my dad and mom) and
samman (respect) to the elders, love to
the young ones. All are the principles of my
I am from dhal, bhat ra tarkari, khasi
ko masu, chiura ra dhai. I enjoy this food a
lot with khusi (happiness) and joy.
I am from a small village with green land
surrounded by beautiful white mountains. And
ramro ghar.
I am Tila Acharya. I am a Nepali,
Proud of my purkha, a bir gorkhali, a brave
soldier rewarded with Victorian cross.
We are rich in our culture, tradition, and religion
and aware of its importance. I love my home
More than my life, as the patriot says.