Jamila Omar Aga

Jamila Omar Aga was born in Ethiopia. She lived in Nairobi, Kenya and Minnesota before arriving in Tukwila in July, 2007. She is eighteen. In her future, Jamila hopes to become a doctor.


Before this project I did not know what poetry was about. I learned how to describe my life with sounds, feelings and colors. Reading poetry has taught me about everyone’s feelings, especially students who are from countries at war.
Self Portrait
Born in Oromia, Ethiopia,
born in a big family,
but opposing our government.
Every day and night heard young and old people
killed, and some went to jail.
Made a decision to leave and go far away.
Now in a busy city with a lot of rain,
like my city where I was born.
I try to forget my past life, my people
who were killed and lost their lives.
This is my life, it happened
For a reason, but I’m happy
with my life.
I have met many people
from different countries,
I have learned many things,
this is my life, it happened
for a reason.