Leila Ali

Leila Ali was born in Somalia. She came to the USA on March 3, 2005 when she was fourteen. Leila wants to become a nurse in the future.


I am from
I am
From Ramadan, Eid,
From puranbur and mosque
Bells everyday.
I am
From mahmah, Muslim and xuriyah,
From the feeling of covering our hair.
I am
From rice, spaghetti,
Anjera and zambza,
From the delicacies
That are grown in Somalia.
I am
From the religion of love,
The friendships of promise to “never change yourself”
From believing in where you are from and who you are.
I am
From the war which never ends.
A place of hunger, without freedom,
Where people are dying
Without food.
I am
From beautiful blue sky,
The falling rains with their fresh smell.
I am
From Somalia
Somalia is where I have grown up,
Where I became who I am.